Diletta Leotta ( Italian Sportscaster ) Nude Photos Leaked

The Sky Sports sportscaster has had her own iCloud account hacked

Diletta Leotta is a 25-year-old sportscaster for Sky Sports in Italy that was as of late iCloud hacked. hackers have as far as anyone knows taken individual photographs and recordings that show Ms. Leotta naked.
Leotta demanded that exclusive a couple photographs and recordings were valid yet many have contrasting suppositions.
At the point when Leotta understood her telephone had been hack she had this to state, “My telephone would not quit ringing with calls, messages, WhatsApp” . . .”I got to be distinctly mindful that they were a piece of my private document. Somebody must have deliberately hacked into my iCloud account.”

With over 1 million followers on social media and fans around the globe, this nude photo leak hunt should keep neckbeards busy for awhile. Follow Leotta on Instagram: @dilettaleotta


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